About Simon Jongenotter


If there is one word to describe Simon’s role in the world he chooses the word Earth Custodian. We belong to Earth. Earth cannot belong to us. He shows through his work that the sense of ‘ownership’ is distorted, and when we come back to being custodians to the land to which we belong, and the people we commune with, happiness returns as a natural result. 

He’s also a rebel. Frustrated with the wasteful ways of the restaurant world he started his movement. New Earth Cooking. A food philosophy that considers the Earth as our guide to our food choices. 

He created restaurants where he helps the staff find better jobs if they get bored as Simon refuses to surround himself with anyone who’d rather be somewhere else. 

He invites farmers into the kitchen and brings chefs to the land. 

He believes food should ideally grow as a forest, not on a farm. During his 5 years living as a chef at a Silent Retreat, he planted 4 hectares of ‘food forest’ featuring hundreds of edible species. He founded New Earth School where food forestry is taught, both in the kitchen and in the garden.  Simon believes one day soon all chefs will become inseparable from the land again. For over 7 years Simon has been hosting sharing circles, helping people reconnect and inviting them to come back to their innocent, Earth-loving (s)elves.

Mbok Made


Chef Made (as she is known around here) has been passionate about cooking her whole life, ever since she was a child and spent a lot of time with her second mother in the kitchen. This passion led her to cook for her friends and family often as she grew up. Eventually, she studied Food Science in college and opened several local restaurants around Bali. Today, she lives in our village named ‘Mongan’ and spends many of her days creatively crafting delicious food at the New Earth School. Though you’ll likely catch her dancing in the kitchen more often than you’ll see her chopping vegetables. She is a powerhouse of love & shares it generously with everyone who crosses her path. 



Angga is a former engineer who shifted his life’s forces to food forestry in 2018. After almost a decade working in the industrial world in Germany, he found himself feeling disconnected and embarked on a soul searching mission. He soon found himself at the New Earth Cooking School in Bali as a member of our incredible Food Forest & Garden team. Angga believes that the New Earth way of Living is an avenue for bringing more consciousness into the world, naturally. He’s found through his desire to connect to nature, that healing occurs when we dissolve the illusionary gap between man and nature. Angga is passionate about healing the water systems, ourselves and the planet through restoring life and diversity into the soil.



Iwan aka Mr Nobody, our resident joke maker, found his way to the New Earth Cooking School in 2018. When a school popped up in his small, hometown village he saw an opportunity to learn something he’s always yearned to know: how to speak English. As he spent more time at the school, his English improved and he began to find a deeper reason for coming. He discovered a newfound balance between his mind and his heart. Today, Iwan is a part of our impeccable garden & food forest team, lovingly tending to the land through growing food and infusing our team with the local, ancestral wisdom of Bali itself. He says “The school has become my home and the people have become my family. I always want to provide for my family. Now, I get to take care of my family by growing the food we eat, and loving Mother Earth at the same time.”

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