New Earth School: Growing, Cooking, Healing


As humanity rapidly evolves. New ways of relating to ourselves, each other and Earth are required.


New Earth School offers clear and simple guidance on humanities basic needs around food, shelter, health and human connection. 


The New Earth Cooking School in Bali teaches students through deepening our connection to self, others and Earth. They offer interactive cooking workshops and internships focused on growing, preparing and eating food in more wholesome ways. Coming to Bali? Visit to arrange a visit

Not visiting Bali anytime soon? We will bring Bali to you! 

Simon’s latest book, ‘Finding My Soulplate’ is a book like no other. Taking you on a deep journey into food, including a personal memoir on how he became a chef. He reveals the truth behind the food industry and shares his 25 favourite plant based recipes from Bali including some of the secrets behind his popular cuisine. 

The story of New Earth Cooking School Bali

Soon after its birth at Bali Silent Retreat, New Earth Food became an underground sensation in Bali. ‘I desperately need your coconut cake recipe Simon’, Rudolph from Berlin would beg. No. Simon would say. Until the day you grow coconuts in East Germany, a recipe instruction is not going to cut it. I want you to understand why I do what I do, so you can start cooking for the Earth too! 

After some minor incidents where hungry guests tried to break into his fridge, unsolicited marriage proposals and a wealthy Arabian trader offering his daughter in return for a recipe, Simon gave in. 

‘I will build a school dedicated to Earth. It will be a playground in Nature where you will find your way back to your heart. A place so fertile and lush, new recipe creations will be born every day! By the time you leave our school, you will be able to cook on behalf of the Earth, wherever you are! 

Simon snapped up an old farm where thousands of feathered friends would typically make their way to chicken nugget destiny. Run, chicken, run, he yelled whilst he fired the farmer and turned the place into a school of agricultural and culinary empowerment. 

New Earth School became a Balinese run learning centre with extensive forest gardens and a kitchen playground, owned and operated by local Balinese heroes.  Meanwhile, Simon co-created some of the most iconic plant-based eateries in Bali like Zest Ubud and Dapur Usada, proving that caring for the Earth can be a commercial success too!  

2020 came along and showed the world what Simon had whispered for years. Either harmonize with Nature or she will come to clean you up. After 8 years of teaching and sharing in person, it is time to take New Earth School online. 

Starting at the very basics. 

Finding my Soulplate

A cookbook like no other. Designed to empower you through food!

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